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Word Press

he primary reason an affiliate marketer should choose Wordpress for his first site is to gain confidence and to be able to hit the road running. Support for Wordpress within the Wordpress organization and across the global Internet is huge. Visit forums and you will find Wordpress the website building tool of choice.


WordPress MU and BuddyPress

We must keep in mind: WordPress is primarily a blogging software tool. It was created with blogging in mind. That does not limit us from using it to create websites, because it is an easy website building tool.


WordPress MU

There’s a new and very little documented feature in 3.0 for changing the default theme. And? This will work on single WordPress installs as well as being handy for a network of sites. The magic line is this in your config file: define(‘WP_DEFAULT_THEME’, ‘classic’); In this example, the classic theme is used as the default when a site is created, or when a theme in use is removed.


WordPress MU (WPMU) WordPress Multi-User

If you have a business in online marketing using Google Adsense and affiliate marketing then you should consider using Wordpress as a basis for your site. Wordpress is a blogging platform that can