Remington WDF-3500 Great Product

Great shaver….did a better job on my legs than anything I’ve ever used! Close shave, no pain. Worth every penny.

Remington WDF-3500

Seventh Generation This company is doing it right…

Okay, so let’s be upfront… This toilet paper could be softer–don’t expect Charmin softness. But it’s really not bad. I rated this product a 5 despite the softness factor because this company is doing it right. You can feel good about this paper being made from 100% recycled materials (80% post-consumer!). In addition, this paper is not whitened using any chlorination process, which is better for all of us. I think that as more people show they are willing to buy products made from recycled content, companies can put more money into making them more luxurious. Go Seventh Generation!

Seventh Generation Sale

Oral B Vitality great price

This toothbrush does an excellent brushing job — no need to buy a more expensive model. I bought this one to replace a similar Oral B that lasted more than 8 years before the battery conked out. Great product!

Oral B Vitality

Don’t think about and Beyond Heroes Holidays

Kaleidoscope Readings in Education This book is very helpful for all the teachers….gives many learning tools needed in the classroom as well as information about teaching. I received the book right away! Thanks for shipping so …

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asus k50af x1 15 6 inch versatile performance laptop

2 3ghz amd m520 processor 4gb ddr2 800mhz sdram 4gb max 500g 5400rpm hdd super-multi combo drive 802 11 bgn 15 6 hd led display 1366×768 ati 5145 512mb ddr2 graphics card windows 7 home premi the new k50af-x1 is the perfect fit for work and play powered by the amd m520 2 3ghz processor and 4gb of ram the k50af-x1 supplies the horsepower for your versatile computing needs the ati 5145…

Fuzzy Frog Warming/Cooling Spa Slippers by Spa Comforts

Fuzzy Spa Frog Spa by Comfort Shoes – M / L 8 2.1 10Swaddle fit women’s feet, you relax in warmth and comfort while enjoying sizes. Scent of peppermint and lavender flowers fragrant grass removed and cereal packaging, and microwave Freezable heat to maintain or froid.Utilisez. Heat treatment does not reduce pain, headaches, arthritis pain, foot comfort is to reduce symptoms of shoes on “bad.” Cool to reduce swelling in the refrigerator.

top selling exercise

Find treadmills, elliptical trainers, home gyms High Quality At Discount Prices!

treadmills, elliptical trainers, home gyms High Quality At Discount Prices!

jbl control 2 4g on air wireless speaker system

wireless system lets you add speakers without running wires 2 4ghz ensures high performance sound up to 70 feet ultra-compact monitors magnetic shielding for video applications wall brackets included add a pair of speakers in the bedroom in the kitchen in the garage or on the patio jbl on air control 2 4g wireless speaker system combines high-performance sound quality with wireless-installatio…

starbucks house blend 5 ounce bags pack of

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Alesis DM5 Pro Electronic Drum Kit

Pros- This kit is a great deal for drummers. It’s very realistic just like an acoustic drum set you can upgrade the symbol pads to real looking symbols with electronic symbols. Sound input is great I would recommend a Simmons DA50S Amp or DA200 watt Simmons amp. I have the 200 watt amp simmons and it sounds great, well balanced tone . The module is very easy to use. Also alot of sound choices to add for cuostom drum kit

Cons- Hi hat pedal has a little lag on to it. But with a pedal upgrade buyers will be happy. Takes alittle time to get use to the module controls to adjust the drums. Along with setting up was alittle confusing.

Note: I would’nt let the cons stop you from buying this kit it’s a very good sounding kit, support from Alesis is very postive, more you play it the better you’ll get an understanding on the sound,tuning from the module,along with how hard you wantit to sound when playing. Would recommend for drummers !!!